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-Фальшст-арт 2

Бродяжничая, накалякал картинку в стиле "спортивно-статистический минимализм" по мотивам принципов вечной любви:


  1. Use of inverted question-mark in no way results in a noun 'lover' being attributed specifically to an adjective 'Latin' in this highly-sophisticated drawing.

  2. The author hereby resigns from and waives any liability for any coincidence of naturally competitive phrases used in this highly-sophisticated drawing with actual romance or sexual activity whatsoever he or any viewer disregarding his/her sex/race/colour/religion/political views (except for national-satanism), willingly or accidentally or even stupidly, was or is actually engaged or may be engaged to in the future including but not limited to the Doom's Day.

Tags: фальшст-арт, ігри розуму

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